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How do Witches deal with Stress?

On Thursday, a Full Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time–a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. It is also a time to regroup your thoughts and relax. This being said, how do you deal with stress on a daily level?

Our modern lives are full of stress daily. We rush around to meet deadlines at work, work long hours, money stress, look after our families and try to keep up with our friends (which seems to suffer the most when we are busy). Even social media and e-mails can be a stress factor. Everyone wants an instantly response.

Sometimes even the idea of fitting in regular spiritual work such as meditation or morning ritual can add stress in your life. Then on top of everything else let’s not forget finding time to eat healthy and exercise.

With this being said, how can you handle daily stress better?

First… Don’t miss Coven. No matter how busy you are take the time at least once a month (more if you can) to sit in sacred space with your Coven. Cast the Circle properly and call the Elementals, purify the Circle, call the God and Goddess, ground and center. Enjoy your time with your coven and just take the time to unwind and focus. Sit in Their presence. Just sitting in sacred space can have a profound effect on our energy.  Doing Solitary ritual everyday by yourself is good but if you are in a disturbed and stressed state of mind the creating of the sacred space can be very disjointed. In a strong Coven the mundane world is left behind and we truly are between the worlds. This is a total disconnect from stress and it can be profoundly healing.

Meditate Daily!

This is very important. Even if you are just learning to meditate and sit quietly in circle while focusing on a flame for 10 minutes. Learn to clear your mind and hear your inner spirit guide. You will feel more energized and relaxed.

Take a few moments to go outside. This can be hard in this chilly weather!
Every day you must go outside, rain or shine, winter or summer, even if only for five minutes and do nothing. Just be outside and feel the snow, look at the clouds, feel the air on your skin, notice the moon or the sun, touch a tree. This tiny amount of time is your way of connecting with the rhythm of the earth and re-connecting with who you are. You are part of nature and the divine is there. Research has shown that spending 20 minutes outside every day in a nature place (where there is an open sky and trees, fields, plants etc.) can have a profound effect on relieving and preventing depression. (Not sure so about standing outside in the snow for 20 minutes.)

Simplify Your Life
You need time to breathe! Do you really need to have that fancy house with a $4,000 a month mortgage? Would you be just as happy living in a little cottage that you could pay off in a few years? Do you need a brand new car or would an older car get you were you are going just as well? If you don’t need so much money you won’t need to work so hard and will have more time to spend in the with your family, friends, relax, bake and all the other things that make life so rewarding. If you spend every waking minute worrying and working at the end of your life you will look back with regret. Take time to spend with people you love and let some of the others go. Keep it simple! Breathe a big sigh of relief and go outside. Let go of worry and feel the wind on your face.

Which Witch are you?

When asked the question: Which Witch are you? Simply put we are just witches. Traditional Witches who practice very old magick. Our spells have been passed down from generation to generation. We use the moon phases, herbs, candles, etc, to boost the energy of our spells but we do not open or close circles.  Although we have adapted a mixture of new age beliefs because they feel right to us.

Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism have been used as an umbrella term but they are very different. Please know that even though there are different Witches and different practices does make make one better than the other. Just like everything else, you choose what feels right to you.

Brief breakdown:

Pagan: term that refers to a wide range of traditions.

Witchcraft: Not a religion but a practice of magick and an honoring of Gods, Spirits, Ancestor and elements. Please note that although Witchcraft is very old, our ancestors did not consider themselves to be Witches. This title was given to us by Christians. Witches believe that spirits and Deities are there to honor not worship and they hold human characteristics. 

Wicca: A religion brought to us by Gerald B. Gardner around 1954. It has sprouted into many similar traditions. Magick is used as is rituals to worship a God & Goddess. Wiccans believe that a Deity is a superior and therefore need to be worshiped though ritual, devotion and libation.

You must know that nothing of what we practice today is the same as how our ancestors did. Times change and so do we, but trying our best to remain true to what feels right is very important to keeping these traditions alive.

This is just a summary. There is so much more to learn about each craft and how they have branched off to create new paths. Give us your input. Ask questions and tell us Which Witch are you? 

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Affirmations for Spirituality

Affirmations for Spirituality
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The divine spirit is omnipresent all around me and guides me at every step.
All my thoughts, words and actions are divinely guided.
I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
Everything that is happening is only for the highest good of me.
The universe naturally and freely provides for all my needs.
My mind & body are in complete alignment with the universe and I am always in the flow
I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.
When I love people more, I receive even more love from them in return.
I am a divine expression of a loving spirit.
I let go of fear. I let go of pain. I live in love
The love of the universe flows through me.
Spirituality to me is a way of life. It is a way of living a morally and ethically correct life.