Eight of Swords

 Obstacles | Frustrations | Restrictions

8 of swords

 Loss of Control

Reversed will represent you accomplishing a difficult time in your life. (This card was reversed when picked from the deck)

The Eight of Swords suggests that you are being held back by others. Stop becoming frustrated over this. Find your inner peace and break free from these restraints.

When this card is drawn to represent your past…you have allowed others to dominate you for fear of hurting them. You must not allow others to have such power over you.

When this card is drawn to represent you present…an outside influence is your obstacle. Believe in yourself and you will overcome this.

When this card is drawn to represent your future…do not depend on the beliefs of others. Follow your own instincts.

The Eight of Swords is a No card and significant to Air signs.

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Queen of Cups

   Virtuous | Intuitive | Wise

Queen cups

Emotional Presence

Reversed will represent someone who is emotionally dysfunctional and depression

The Queen of Cups suggests a acknowledging your emotions and learning to use them to grow.

When this card is drawn to represent your past…your emotions are in check but remember to strength is also gained from learning to balance your emotions.

When this card is drawn to represent you present…you will gain valuable insight from a strong woman in your life. Keep your heart open to be influenced.

When this card is drawn to represent your future…your emotions will lead you. Seek a mother figure for advice.

The Queen of Cups is an inconclusive card and significant to Air & Water signs.

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Ace  of Wands

         Birth | Creativity | Inventiveness | New Beginnings

Reversed means- delays & procrastination.

The Ace of Wands suggests new conditions. Either a birth, career or project.

When this card is drawn to represent your past…remember and learn from your past mistakes as they have held you back. If you do not learn, then you cannot grow and succeed.

When this card is drawn to represent you present…currently there is  new beginning, either in the form of you career, project or a new phase in life. Keep your eyes, heart and mind open to it.

When this card is drawn to represent you future…prepare and plan for this positive new beginning. Make sure there is nothing and no one blocking your goals.

The Ace of Wands is a YES card and significant to Fire signs.

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What does Explore mean to you? The meaning of explore has endless possibilities. I have to say when I hear the word explore I become so excited. Explore life, explore your practice, explore the outdoors, explore within yourself, explore a good book, explore…..

Personally, I love getting lost within a good book. That is my passion. I also enjoy exploring deeper into my roots and my practice. I love learning something new and implementing in into my everyday life.

Wake up every morning with the desire to explore. You will be surprised how much information and living you are missing out on.

Let us know what you find when you explore life.

Blessed Be, xoxoxox

Andrea & Krista

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“An it harm none, do as ye will”

Wicca / Witchcraft can be very complex, and it’s a path of accountability and balance. . Although there are no commandments in Wicca or Witchcraft, there are guidelines.  “An it harm none, do as ye will” is the key point found within the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede is a statement that provides the guidelines of the “moral system” in Wicca and other Witchcraft or pagan based faiths.  These eight words are just guidance, it all boils down to your personal ethical code.

This key point needs to be considered carefully as you are responsible for  all the ramifications of whatever you wish to do. If your goal will harm none, then you are free to act. However, if your contemplation divulges that it will or could potentially harm others, then you have to decide if taking action is worth accepting the consequences.

What the Rede does is remind a Wiccan / Witches / Pagans that we ultimately are responsible for all our actions and the consequences of taking any action are what we will have to accept.

Krista and I did not personally grow up with learning this Rede, but there are similar “warnings” if you will that go with each faith/craft. I personally have Gypsy in my linage and my mom would always say…”Be careful what you wish/ask for? Be specific and willing to accept any consequence.” Talk about a kill joy during ritual. There is also “Karma”. Krista and I grew up both fearing Karma and waiting for her to get to it on some special characters we have encountered. Then there is the Law of three or three fold law, depending on how you learned it.

So, what does the Wiccan Rede  mean to you? How have you used it?

Blessed Be,  xoxox

Andrea & Krista



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Teamwork Magick

Today when I arrived at work I found this gem (picture of Teamwork below) leaning against my door. Apparently while a co-worker was cleaning out their basement they came across this picture and thought of me! How amazing is that? I cannot tell you how honored I felt. Two years ago the same co-worker gave me this picture (picture of Leadership below) and said after a meeting, they had a photo at home they wanted me to have because when they look at it, they think of me.

Why is this so important that I needed to Blog about it? Well, first teamwork is vital in anything you do. One person will run themselves ragged if they try to do everything alone and the journey will be tiresome. Second, having a team that learns, grows and works together will accomplish many things. Third, proper leadership and teamwork go hand in hand for a team is only as strong as its leader.

Teamwork is also important when it comes to our community and the path we follow. Krista and I work amazingly together. I am truly great full for that. My weaknesses are her strength and vice versa.  Krista is an Aries and I am a Leo, together we push each other to be better and strive for more. Both with our online business and the path we follow, we work together to achieve our desires.

Next time you have the opportunity to work in a team, strive to be the circle that encompasses the magick in order for the ritual to manifest. Everyone must be assigned a role (usually reflecting their particular skill set). Remember, (teams/family/friends) we all have bad days. The side effects of a bad day is the true reflection of the team. Can you bounce back? Does the bad day help show where the weakness is so that it can be strengthened? Ask these questions next time and learn from your mistakes.

Blessed Be, xoxoxo

Andrea & Krista

img_0694           IMG_0695.jpg

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Magick of Rose Quartz Stone

Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to have on hand. Rose Quartz eases stress, grief, anger and fear. Can be used to soothe a restless child or animal. Rose Quartz has been said to ease pain and tension. It is helpful to detoxify or aiding in complexion. Rose Quartz has long been said to protect against intrusion and other spirits. When placed under the pillow will protect from nightmares. Can be used in magick for peace where there is war.

Magick uses: You can put rose quartz stone in a bowl of water to charge your water for facial cleansing (youthfulness). You can put the stone under a child’s bed to ease restlessness (please remove in the morning so the child does not grab and choke on it). You can carry the stone in your pocket to ease stress (reach in your pocket and give the stone a rub).

Rose Quartz also works well with other stones. Depending on what you desire, keep an open mind with Rose Quartz. Many have just associated it with love and forgotten how many other amazing uses it has!

*Remember to clean (sage smoke) and charge your stones (by the light of the moon or with the earth)*

(copy & paste/click on link) http://www.blessedbegarden.com/product-p/bbgbbg62213.htm



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Just another Tuesday?

February 14th, Valentines day. The day of love or the celebration of the Romans feast of Lupercalia. Which ever you celebrate, make sure you know the history behind it. One thing everyone can agree on is that the Pagan Romans started the Holiday, although not as a day for love but for fertility and drunken beatings. Christians banned the Holiday as ungodly. Society has commercialized it for revenue and we continue the cycle.

I would prefer if the day would just go away. I do not say this to be bitter. I have a best friend (K), lovely mate (M), offspring (3 boys) and my dog Meadow to celebrate with, I just do not see the point. First why wait for one day a year to celebrate love? You should make those you love feel special every chance you get. Second, the wasted money (enough said), Last, there is such darkness behind the holiday that makes is weird to celebrate if you know history.

That being said, because I have children and do not want to take this commercialized holiday from them so I keep it simple. I make them a special dinner (fancy heart paper plates, napkins and heart cups), I have a mailbox I made them (for XOXOX notes and a little something) and we have a heart cake. We do not say “Happy Valentines Day” but rather, I LOVE YOU! Yesterday, today and always!

For those who have no one they can think of to celebrate with, please do not binge on chocolate (although I do that every other day :-)), you are truly not missing out. It really is just another Tuesday! If you need someone to love, we have your back (and we promise not to hit you in order to make you fertile :-P)

Happy Tuesday! We LOVE you!

Blessed Be, xoxoxoxo

Andrea & Krista

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Monday Blues

I cannot tell you how many a winter Monday I have woken up and wanted to crawl back into bed. I have truly fallen into a rut where I plan to be productive on the weekend but wake on Monday having accomplished nothing and now I must go to work (in the cold) and think about the stress mounting on my shoulders of items unresolved.Wishing I could light a candle at my desk is a understatement. One think I do look forward to is using my Banish Negativity Salt. As soon as I walk into work, I sprinkle this goodness around my space. Although I cannot sprint through my work office scattering this herb mixture as a fairy in the forest, especially around those who emanate negativity, I can always come back to my chair to get away from it all.

Stones and aromatherapy are also good ways to beat those blues. Today I have lemon grass oil in my diffuser. One would think I would get looks with my array of concoctions spread about my desk…..but I don’t. I get coworkers coming over and asking “what is that amazing smell?” “I love coming to your desk” “I always feel good when I’m by your area” “I feel so relaxed”.

While I still need to work on my rut, I can wallow at my desk and feel positive. 🙂

Blessed Be, XOXOX

Andrea & K

(copy & paste/click on link) http://www.blessedbegarden.com/product-p/bbgnegslt.htm

ther herb

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