“An it harm none, do as ye will”

Wicca / Witchcraft can be very complex, and it’s a path of accountability and balance. . Although there are no commandments in Wicca or Witchcraft, there are guidelines.  “An it harm none, do as ye will” is the key point found within the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede is a statement that provides the guidelines of the “moral system” in Wicca and other Witchcraft or pagan based faiths.  These eight words are just guidance, it all boils down to your personal ethical code.

This key point needs to be considered carefully as you are responsible for  all the ramifications of whatever you wish to do. If your goal will harm none, then you are free to act. However, if your contemplation divulges that it will or could potentially harm others, then you have to decide if taking action is worth accepting the consequences.

What the Rede does is remind a Wiccan / Witches / Pagans that we ultimately are responsible for all our actions and the consequences of taking any action are what we will have to accept.

Krista and I did not personally grow up with learning this Rede, but there are similar “warnings” if you will that go with each faith/craft. I personally have Gypsy in my linage and my mom would always say…”Be careful what you wish/ask for? Be specific and willing to accept any consequence.” Talk about a kill joy during ritual. There is also “Karma”. Krista and I grew up both fearing Karma and waiting for her to get to it on some special characters we have encountered. Then there is the Law of three or three fold law, depending on how you learned it.

So, what does the Wiccan Rede  mean to you? How have you used it?

Blessed Be,  xoxox

Andrea & Krista




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