Just another Tuesday?

February 14th, Valentines day. The day of love or the celebration of the Romans feast of Lupercalia. Which ever you celebrate, make sure you know the history behind it. One thing everyone can agree on is that the Pagan Romans started the Holiday, although not as a day for love but for fertility and drunken beatings. Christians banned the Holiday as ungodly. Society has commercialized it for revenue and we continue the cycle.

I would prefer if the day would just go away. I do not say this to be bitter. I have a best friend (K), lovely mate (M), offspring (3 boys) and my dog Meadow to celebrate with, I just do not see the point. First why wait for one day a year to celebrate love? You should make those you love feel special every chance you get. Second, the wasted money (enough said), Last, there is such darkness behind the holiday that makes is weird to celebrate if you know history.

That being said, because I have children and do not want to take this commercialized holiday from them so I keep it simple. I make them a special dinner (fancy heart paper plates, napkins and heart cups), I have a mailbox I made them (for XOXOX notes and a little something) and we have a heart cake. We do not say “Happy Valentines Day” but rather, I LOVE YOU! Yesterday, today and always!

For those who have no one they can think of to celebrate with, please do not binge on chocolate (although I do that every other day :-)), you are truly not missing out. It really is just another Tuesday! If you need someone to love, we have your back (and we promise not to hit you in order to make you fertile :-P)

Happy Tuesday! We LOVE you!

Blessed Be, xoxoxoxo

Andrea & Krista


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