Monday Blues

I cannot tell you how many a winter Monday I have woken up and wanted to crawl back into bed. I have truly fallen into a rut where I plan to be productive on the weekend but wake on Monday having accomplished nothing and now I must go to work (in the cold) and think about the stress mounting on my shoulders of items unresolved.Wishing I could light a candle at my desk is a understatement. One think I do look forward to is using my Banish Negativity Salt. As soon as I walk into work, I sprinkle this goodness around my space. Although I cannot sprint through my work office scattering this herb mixture as a fairy in the forest, especially around those who emanate negativity, I can always come back to my chair to get away from it all.

Stones and aromatherapy are also good ways to beat those blues. Today I have lemon grass oil in my diffuser. One would think I would get looks with my array of concoctions spread about my desk…..but I don’t. I get coworkers coming over and asking “what is that amazing smell?” “I love coming to your desk” “I always feel good when I’m by your area” “I feel so relaxed”.

While I still need to work on my rut, I can wallow at my desk and feel positive. 🙂

Blessed Be, XOXOX

Andrea & K

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ther herb


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