Blessed Be….

How Blessed are we? This is such a simple question and yet many do not realize how Blessed they already are. Everyday, one says….I wish I had more money. I wish I better a better job. I wish I was loved that way…..etc.

When I catch myself fall into this, I stop myself and say…..I’m Blessed. I’m Blessed I woke up this morning. I’m Blessed for my best friend Krista. I am blessed for my kids. I am Blessed for my business. I am Blessed to be healthy. I am BLESSED.

Simple right? Everyday, when you catch yourself saying “I wish…” Stop and remember you are Blessed already. Once you acknowledge your are Blessed, additional Blessing will come.

We am Blessed for our loyal customers and followers. Thank you and Blessed Be.

Blessed Be,


Andrea & Krista


About blessedbegarden

The Witch is in…(Sponsored by Blessed Be Garden) Welcome. We are honored that you have used us as the Entrance to your Journey. Please feel free to ask questions, poke around or just sit back and see what’s going on. We are the Owners of Blessed Be Garden. We get so many questions a day and felt that it would be beneficial to just start a blog. Metaphysical and Spiritual Supply store. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at
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