New Moon Magick During Mercury Retrograde



Although we are currently in Mercury Retrograde, we have a New Moon Today! How do you plan on celebrating the new moon?

The new moon is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, hope, optimism, and faith. 


During Mercury Retrograde and while working with new moon magick, here are some important things to remember:


  • As far as love is concerned, celebrate your current relationship- revisit memories together or renew your commitment to each other
  • Update your profile if you are online dating to draw in better prospects
  • Always double check your work before sending a text or email
  • It is also a VERY good idea to back up your hard drive, phone or anything else that could potentially crash.
  • Focus on adding money to your savings account- the new moon is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, start off this moon cycle right by saving as much as you can
  • If you will be traveling, make sure that everything on your vehicle is in good order before getting in the car- the last thing you want is a flat tire, no gas or even worse a dead battery. Also, if traveling by bus, train, etc- make sure that you give yourself some additional time for traffic or other obsticales that may occur.



  • Make serious commitments in your relationship. Decisions made now are often reversed so try to avoid any major commitments in your current relationship.
  • Do not go on a first date- things you start now, which yes includes love, often will not workout.
  • Do not give into gossip about others as this may backfire on you during this time.
  • No MAJOR Purchases- think vehicles and home purchases. Things may possibly go awry during mercury retrograde, interest rates may not be in your favor, things may break, deals on large purchases may look better then they are
  • Do Not behave recklessly during this time, no speeding as accidents are more prone and you are much easier to get lost while driving during this time.


Take the power of the new moon during this Mercury Retrograde to set yourself up right for the month, as well as the year. Words have power, and that is the most important thing to remember.

Blessed Be,

Krista & Andrea

Blessed Be Garden


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