How An Ouija/Spirit Board Works

imagesThere are two schools of thoughts on how a Ouija/Spirit Board works.  Believers think users can actually make contact with spirits (including malevolent, and on rare occasion demonic entities).  It is believed that the spirit uses telekinetic energy to move the planchette providing the user or group with responses to questions. The board itself has no power and is simply a tool used to aid in communication. 

Those who advocate the use of the Ouija/Spirit Board, say like other forms of divination, it is a legitimate way to communicate with the dead.  While professional mediums believe that the movements may be controlled by malevolent spirits more intent on something other than providing correct information. 

The other school of thought states that the communication is nothing more that the planchette moving through the user’s subconscious.  They believe that the user is not aware that they themselves are moving the planchette and assume a spirit is guiding the answers.  In parapsychology, the use of the Ouija/Spirit Board is believed to pick up information from the subconscious mind.  Some information that an individual clearly repressed can come back to life and the user can suffer a psychosis as a result of these images.

 We believe the planchette can be moved both by spirits and entities but also by subconscious movements.  No matter the force moving it, it will sometimes cause problems down the road.  Be it a malevolent spirit, demon or a repressed memory coming back one can fall into an addiction to using the board and allowing it to control your decisions. Those who suffer an addiction become dependent on information that might not be accurate and limit themselves to make decisions on their own.  

There are reports of tables moving “such can be seen on Long Island Medium” or of the planchette moving without being touched by any user.  There are too many reports of people being harassed by unseen forces after using the board.   Unfortunately there are written accounts (not rumors) of people institutionalized or suffering mental anguish after using a board regularly.  We understand that not every person may experience something like this, but it does happen.

Some noted demonologists strongly recommend never using a Ouija/Spirit Board.  Experienced demonologists have seen their share of demonic possessions and episodes of dangerous haunts by malevolent spirits.  These cases had the use of a Ouija/Spirit Board as a common denominator.  As we stated before, malevolent spirits will pretend to be helpful to gain trust and then will make their move when the time is right. 

The Ouija/Spirit Board has been used by thousands of people for spirit communication and is very similar to automatic writing, the only difference between the two being the absence of the board itself in automatic writing. Both forms of communication are very dangerous; as are séances, because they are usually uncontrolled forms of communications. The individuals that use these channels are usually novices and are unaware of the possible dangers that await.

A controlled situation would be where a psychic, medium or clairvoyant is present. This way the medium could sense if any dangers are present and close off the communication before any harm was done. We would strongly advise against the use of the Ouija/Spirit Board, automatic writing or séances. Even if you don’t try to contact any ghosts you can still become emotionally attached or even dependent on the board’s advice. This can be psychologically adverse on the psyche as you will attempt to get more information out of the board and you could actually just be using the board as an avenue to the inside of your own mind without realizing it. This happens to those people who use the board by themselves.

We would also like to add that we are not experts in Ouija/Spirit Board but do warn people against using this or any means of spirit communication including, séances, automatic writing, etc. This is not a parlor game nor is it something for anyone to experiment with as there are many dangers involved. We constantly get emails from people wanting to know more about Quija/Spirit Board. Our response is “If you’re asking, then you are not experienced and should not dabble with it”.


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