Which Witch are you?

When asked the question: Which Witch are you? Simply put we are just witches. Traditional Witches who practice very old magick. Our spells have been passed down from generation to generation. We use the moon phases, herbs, candles, etc, to boost the energy of our spells but we do not open or close circles.  Although we have adapted a mixture of new age beliefs because they feel right to us.

Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism have been used as an umbrella term but they are very different. Please know that even though there are different Witches and different practices does make make one better than the other. Just like everything else, you choose what feels right to you.

Brief breakdown:

Pagan: term that refers to a wide range of traditions.

Witchcraft: Not a religion but a practice of magick and an honoring of Gods, Spirits, Ancestor and elements. Please note that although Witchcraft is very old, our ancestors did not consider themselves to be Witches. This title was given to us by Christians. Witches believe that spirits and Deities are there to honor not worship and they hold human characteristics. 

Wicca: A religion brought to us by Gerald B. Gardner around 1954. It has sprouted into many similar traditions. Magick is used as is rituals to worship a God & Goddess. Wiccans believe that a Deity is a superior and therefore need to be worshiped though ritual, devotion and libation.

You must know that nothing of what we practice today is the same as how our ancestors did. Times change and so do we, but trying our best to remain true to what feels right is very important to keeping these traditions alive.

This is just a summary. There is so much more to learn about each craft and how they have branched off to create new paths. Give us your input. Ask questions and tell us Which Witch are you? 


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