Affirmations for Spirituality

Affirmations for Spirituality
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The divine spirit is omnipresent all around me and guides me at every step.
All my thoughts, words and actions are divinely guided.
I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
Everything that is happening is only for the highest good of me.
The universe naturally and freely provides for all my needs.
My mind & body are in complete alignment with the universe and I am always in the flow
I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.
When I love people more, I receive even more love from them in return.
I am a divine expression of a loving spirit.
I let go of fear. I let go of pain. I live in love
The love of the universe flows through me.
Spirituality to me is a way of life. It is a way of living a morally and ethically correct life.


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The Witch is in…(Sponsored by Blessed Be Garden) Welcome. We are honored that you have used us as the Entrance to your Journey. Please feel free to ask questions, poke around or just sit back and see what’s going on. We are the Owners of Blessed Be Garden. We get so many questions a day and felt that it would be beneficial to just start a blog. Metaphysical and Spiritual Supply store. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at
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