Are you in or out of the “Broom Closet”?

There was a time when we all were half in / half out. In certain situations (when it came to some family members, job and school functions etc., we chose to stay in). Although as time progresses we find ourselves more out of the closet than in.  As Henry David Thoreau Once said, “Be yourself – not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. “

Especially since starting a business that specializes in selling Wicca, Witchcraft and Metaphysical items and supplies we all seem to be completely out of the broom closet, not a care in the world what anyone else thinks. 

With this being said, are you in or Out of the “Broom Closet”? Why or why not?


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6 Responses to Are you in or out of the “Broom Closet”?

  1. Larissa Lee says:

    I was thrown out of the broom closet in tenth grade. I was new to the area, and we were about a month into classes. My history teacher used a biblical reference to explain something; after several blank faces, he asked if anyone was non-Christian. He told us we didn’t have to answer, but he didn’t want to lose some people and leave them behind by using biblical references that no one understood.

    Four of us raised our hands. The first two were Catholics, so he waved them off as Christian enough. One student was a non-practicing Jew, but she explained that she’d also attended Christian bible classes as a kid; she just wasn’t familiar with all of the stories in the Bible yet.

    And then there are me. Meek, still-shy Larissa with her hand half risen in the middle of the room. He asked me what I was, and I replied “Wiccan”. At the time, Wicca wasn’t quite as mainstream (i.e. no “Charmed” or other books/shows mentioning it). I then spent the longest 15 minutes of my life explaining basic Wiccan/pagan beliefs to my entire class.

    The good news? Once I was out, I was out. I found myself surrounded by support and acceptance, which helped me to grow as an openly pagan person. I also found people who wanted to learn about paganism; it created a small circle of friends who could discuss and experience things with me.

    The only time I’ve ever been in the broom closet again was with my current job at a college. Why? Because no one asked! For a year, no one ever brought up church, nor did they notice me using “Yule” instead of “Christmas”. When I scheduled myself vacation time for a pagan festival, someone *finally* connected the dots and asked questions. “Oh, that’s interesting!” The end.

    I’ve been very blessed to not face discrimination or negativity.


  2. I am about 75% out. It’s funny, because, as a Gay Man, these terms have been familiar to me all my life. I am 100% out of the closet when it comes to my orientation, but only partly still in as far as my status as a witch because there are SOME people who still identify it with Satanism, and I don’t care to get into the argument that “Satan” is a Christian tenet and has nothing to do with Wicca. I love your blog, BTW, thank you for the follow, and Blessed Be! I hope you Samhain is wonderful! 😀 Jamy


  3. sobnuts says:

    Happy Samhain! Someday I hope that folks in the panhandle where I’m halfway to my goal of self-sufficiency, get the ease of being out of the broom closet. I was asked the first time a glazier came to replace broken windows in the new house, “So have you picked out a church yet?” I said I had not actually because I practice an alternative spirituality. Enough said I guess, he was still happy to have us all meet his family and vice versa. Sometimes I wonder if, out in the sticks, there might be lesser educated individuals who equate ignorance with hate, and what if I run into them? I say I shall still be me, never lying about my beliefs, but I won’t advertise in the areas where certain oppressive groups want to “out” pagans simply because they are different. I doubt they would ever target me, even though I’m gay too. While I have had my run of difficulties, I know how to be easily missed. I hope that I get more opportunity to meet other like minded people. Blessed Be.


  4. Kalyn Zupan says:

    I was raised Christian and I thought it was the only way to go. However, after a lot of soul searching (while attending a Christian University) and long talks with my dear friend, I decided that the Wiccan beliefs really fell in line with what I believe…so I made the switch. I’ve been reading all that I can about Wiccans, Witchcraft and Paganism and I have participated in a few rituals and every day I find myself more and more open to the energy and magic in the world around me; I’ve finally found my place.
    The hardest part about this switch is telling the people around me. My boyfriend, close friends and mother know and support my beliefs, but I’ve found that other people who I try to talk about this with don’t take me seriously and don’t take what I believe seriously; everyone thinks it is just a phase. I’ve obviously met people who believe that Wiccans worship Satan and yadda yadda yadda, and unfortunately, some of those people are my Father, Step Mother and Grandparents. So needless to say, I am struggling to decide if I should even tell them, or just save myself the trouble. My grandfather is ULTRA conservative…probably the most racist, sexist man you will ever meet, and he is so stubborn that there is no way to convince him to be otherwise. Trying to explain to him about this change in my life just seems to be pointless; it’s not like I care what he thinks anyway, I just really do not want to deal with the enormous fight and fallout that would happen. Now my father and step mother are the tricky ones because I really value our relationship and also I am their nanny. So I am afraid that once they find out what I believe and practice, they will not want me spending so much time with my siblings because they will not want me to teach them how to “worship the devil” or something; my step mom doesn’t even want me doing yoga with them because it is in her eyes “all about worshipping different gods and that is sacrilegious”. In that case, I would probably lose my job and I enjoy getting to spend a lot of time with my brothers and sisters.
    So, coming out of the broom closet is slowly happening, but it’s been a tricky process…


  5. Zuri says:

    I’ve never been in. I never saw a need to. Granted, I don’t flash around my religion on my sleeve like some folks do, but it’s not something I hide from people either.


  6. seleneflora says:

    Merry Meet.
    I’m not in the broom closet. If someone asks me, I will tell them the truth. Why should I hide it? It’s part of who I am. I wouldn’t advertise it, but I am open about it.
    I’ve grown so much since I’ve rediscovered my faith.
    Blessed Be.


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